Picture this…

A slice of Authentic Ibizan heaven

Experience the spiritual island like you have never experienced it before.

Staying in a private countryside estate, overlooking the mountains.

Immersed with like-minded, driven, glow-getter women.

Miracle Morning Routines to help you achieve the ultimate self connection and soul expansion.

Daily Guided Movement, Meditations & Visualisations to gain complete clarity on your next level purpose driven vision.

Bespoke Group Trainings and Workshops to Help you Break Free from the Fears Keeping you Small and Elevate you to Your Highest Potential. 

High-vibe, Wholesome and Nourishing food served by our in house Plant-Powered Chef & Wellness Coach.

Down Time to Soak up the Spiritual, Heart-centred Energy of the Island with a Dine Out Experience in a Stunning Waterfront Restaurant.

A Magical Sunset Boat experience to soak up the island’s hot spots.

PLUS a BONUS Professional Photo Shoot.

There is nothing else like this…  



Be prepared to ALIGN & GLOW!


This sounds amazing, what is included?

5 Nights in a Private and Spacious Mountain View Villa on the Magical Island of Ibiza.

Intimate Group Coaching focused on Mindset, Spirituality, Law of Attraction, Abundance, Passion, Soul Purpose and Aligning all of this to Life, Career or Business so you can Elevate Higher.

Daily Guided Movement, Meditations & Visualisations Deepening your Connection to Yourself & a Higher Power.

Private Plant Powered Chef & Wellness Coach Providing Nutritious, High-Vibe and Nourishing Meals.

Down Time to Soak up the Spiritual, Heart-centred Energy of the Island.

A Magical Sunset Boat Trip Experience.

Professional Photoshoot.


Plant-Powered Nourishing Food


I believe in the power of the mind, body, soul connection and know that the food we eat plays a massive role in how we feel and therefore the reality we experience.

This is why I was passionate about bringing a chef into the retreat who embodies this belief too, creating high vibrational and wholesome meals that assist with the transformation and have you feeling amazing inside and out.

Abi Fox, The Food Alchemist is our in-house private Plant Powered Chef and Wellness Coach.

Abi serves up nutritious food made to nourish your body and soul and has a focus on optimal nutrition adding in greens at every meal, good fats & easy to digest foods.

Abi’s ethos is free from gluten, refined sugar, cow’s dairy & any ingredients that cause inflammation to the body.

What Abi serves is more than just food. It’s energy, it’s love and it’s magic on a plate.

Daily Kundalini Yoga


Not just any ordinary yoga, Kundalini has your cells vibrating on a whole new level making you magnetic for limitless magic and possibilities.

It’s an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices incorporating movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity.” 

Nothing to do with how ‘flexible’ you are, the goal of Kundalini Yoga is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. The results that i’ve experienced since including this practice into my life have been nothing short of miraculous.

Michelle, our retreat yoga teacher is the most beautiful soul with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share regarding this practice.

Whether you’re a pro with Kundalini or a complete beginner, Michelle will guide you through the life-changing techniques that will elevate you onto a whole new vibration.

There is no better way to start each day than with her 90 minute private Kundalini class, set amongst our stunning mountain view backdrop as the sun rises over the villa each morning…..it’s pure bliss.

Professional Photoshoots


Jo Brent has been my GO-TO photographer since the day I launched my coaching business. She’s the brains and the beauty behind ALL of my branding shoots.

Together we’ve captured amazing shots in Liverpool, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and now she’s packing her bags to come shoot us in the fabulous Ibiza too!

Whether it’s your first time in front of a camera or not, Jo has such a calming, grounding energy that she instantly puts you at ease allowing you to relax, have fun and enjoy the process. 

This is your opportunity to capture some dreamy shots of your transformation to instantly increase your confidence, increase your self-belief and elevate your profile in life, career and business!

PLUS A Sunset Boat Experience


Transformation is a journey that should be celebrated and I believe you deserve to be rewarded with only the best lovely. 

A private boat experience visiting Ibiza’s hot spots, listening to balearic beats, sipping on your fizz whilst watching the sun go down with your new soul sister friends is a stand out moment you won’t ever forget.


Introducing your host


If you know me you will know that wherever I go, I bring my positive energy, inspiring vibes, soulful transformations & lots of fun.

Put simply, i’m an ambitious, driven soul with a savvy side too.

I’ve been on my own transformational journey, rising up from rock bottom to create my limitless dream vision and it is my ultimate purpose in life to support and empower you to rise with me. 

I believe you have your own unique gifts and infinite value to bring into this world and when you lean on the universe whilst following the fun and pleasures in life, everything you desire will flow to you miraculously.

Through the journey of discovering my own unique gifts and purpose in this world, i’ve been able to create this one of a kind, life-changing experience and retreat that will blast open your perception of what you believe is possible for you.

Align & Glow” is not just any ordinary retreat, it’s an experience i’ve created that allows you to experience life as your highest, most freeing and limitless self. 

I only offer life-changing opportunities, so if you’re ready to have your world shaken in miraculous ways this opportunity is for you.

Sarah x

Who is this for:


For Ambitious, Purpose Driven Women who feel lost, stuck or like they’re ready to elevate higher in their life, career or business.

Who are looking to align deeper with their passion and purpose by tapping into their infinite potential.

Who are passionate about increasing their impact and income.

Who are looking to develop total faith in the unseen and trust the limitless opportunities this universe has to offer.

Who are feeling the call to rise up to new vibrations and are ready now to take the leap.

Who are willing to do the inner work to walk away with complete Clarity, Confidence and the Courage to take the next step breaking through to the next level in life, career or business.

Daily Schedule


Guided Miracle Morning Routines: Daily Meditation, Journaling & Visualisation

90 Minutes Kundalini Yoga each morning

Learn the ENERGETIC tools & techniques you can use to empower yourself in an instant.

Gain CLARITY on your passionate and purposeful desires so you can leap forwards in the right direction.

Discover how to ALIGN your life, career or business with your passions & purpose.

Let go of the emotional baggage holding you down so you can ELEVATE to your highest potential.

Discover how to free yourself from irrational FEARS that have kept you STUCK for too long.

Learn how to ASK FOR MORE in your life, career and business.

Uncover the WEALTH consciousness rituals you need to transform your relationship with money so you can create a limitless flow of abundance in your life, career and business.

Learn how to step into your HIGHER POWER and up-level your life, career and business so you can live the limitless life of your true desires.

Deepen your CONNECTION to yourself and to this UNIVERSE learning how to have full faith and trust in your unseen desires.

Develop a POWERFUL NETWORK with soul sister connections at the retreat who feel like family and want to see you win.


The Island of Ibiza?

Something you may or may not know about me: I used to live on the island of Ibiza. From the day I landed there, I fell in love. The vibes, the energy and the magic in the air that you feel on this beautiful island is unexplainable. You’ve just got to experience it for yourself.

It’s a LOT more than just a party destination (yes, the parties are fun too), but there is a whole spiritual side to Ibiza that you may or may not have already discovered. With its enchanted forests, sandy beaches and stunning coves and caves it makes for a soul fulfilling experience all round.

It’s home to Es Vedra island – said to be the THIRD most magnetic point on the PLANET after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle. This mysterious and beautiful rock is said to have positive healing and creatively inspiring energy making it a hot spot for people gathering to participate in spiritual activity. 

It’s the island that welcomes everyone to live and let live. A spiritual heartbeat that can’t be explained. There’s a freeing energy where you are free to be you. Once you experience the magic of Ibiza, you will be forever transformed. 

What others are SAYING

Before the retreat I felt in limbo. I was frustrated in my job and knew there must be more to life. Worrying about the future, being in control and trying to plan how things were going to work out for me was stressing me out and I just couldn’t see how things would work out.  

During the retreat I had a light bulb moment of living in the present and ‘being here now’. I learned that whilst I can work towards a future goal, I don’t need to dwell or worry about the outcome. In Ibiza it really clicked for me that i’m not supposed to know how every little detail will work out and i’ve learned how to surrender to the Universe whilst taking inspired action and having faith that everything will align.  

Sarah’s retreat is the perfect mixture of learning about yourself, exploring where you want to go in life and how to take those next steps while making new friends and having lots of fun in an environment that isn’t judgemental or competitive. Everyone is their for their own reason.  

One of my favourite moments of the experience has got to be dancing & singing around on the boat. A real stand out moment of feeling so happy and being with girls who I’d known less than a week but felt so connected to. 

Laura Easton

Before the retreat everything felt heavy in my life and I had little clarity on what I wanted to do, the true person I am, my business goals and general life.  

I now feel like a whole weight has been lifted off me. During the retreat I was able to let go of baggage I was holding on to, whilst learning how to connect, trust and have faith in the universe. I learned that opening your heart doesn’t need to be painful and being yourself is more than enough.  

My whole mindset has changed and i’ve since seen so much growth 1000%, from my self-worth, to my outlook on life and gaining complete clarity on what direction i’d like my business and life to go towards.  

Align & Glow is a life changing experience where the coaching was intense but perfect as it lead to life changing mental breakthroughs in all areas of my life and business. Full of laughter, relaxation, fun and incredible friendships.  

I literally feel like EVERYTHING was PERFECT, seeing the Ibiza sunset from the boat, the change in my mental health and the group of ladies I spent the retreat with as well as Sarah being the most incredible host was above amazing and I would definitely recommend.

Emily Oatridge

EARLY BIRD Investment

Available for July Only with a Payment Plan Option.
*Limited Spots*

Full Investment: £3997


I know what you’re thinking

“I can’t afford this right now”

I hear you and i’m totally here to support you in moving forward.

Ask yourself: If money was no object would this be an opportunity I would jump at?

If you answered ‘YES’, then let me support you in manifesting and creating the abundance to making it happen for you. I’ll show you how on a free 30 Minute Breakthrough Session.


I hear you lovely and i’m here to remind you that there will never be a perfect time and you may never feel 100% ready to to go on a journey like this.

If not now, when?

I’m here to support you in clearing the path so you can make your self-development a priority.

With my support on a Free 30 Minute Breakthrough Session we can brainstorm the options available to you so you can make this happen.



We cover the costs of accommodation, airport transfers, food & drink in the villa, experience day, yoga, photoshoots and of course all coaching, mentoring and workshops. The only thing that is not included is your airfare and one evening meal where we dine out in a restaurant.

We have an amazing team to take care of you so you can completely immerse in the experience and Align & Glow.


Oh lovely, you know deep down you were born to SHOW UP & SHINE! If you were guided to read this far then this retreat is totally for you. As this retreat is extremely intimate, Sarah carefully and personally accepts those who match in energy and vibes. Don’t be surprised at how close and connected you will become to the girls at the retreat, we become like family.


Jo our fabulous photographer has prepared a full guide on what to expect on your destination shoot and how best to prepare for it. Any nerves your feeling will soon disappear as soon as you’re around Jo’s grounding and calming energy. Jo has a natural flare for making you feel super comfortable in front of a camera (even if it’s your very first shoot!) I guarentee you will love the whole experience and feel super empowered and confident as a result.


Once you have secured your spot you will receive a confirmation email as well as inbox reminders to best prepare you for your life-changing experience in Ibiza.  

You will also receive a welcome pack to complete prior to the retreat so Sarah is completely up to date with where you are currently at and can prepare to support you best during your time together on the island. You will also receive further details on what to expect in your photoshoot, what to bring and how to prepare for your trip. 


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